My favorite adventures

Dear Delilah,

There will be many adventures once we have you, but here are a few of my favorite moments before you came along. 

Ziplinging & doing a ropes course in the Jamaican rainforest.

Attending our first military ball/banquet.

Your dad getting baptized. 

Our first Christmas

Cliff diving in NY

Building our first snowman

Spending our first Halloween together. Peter Pan is my favorite & we made the costume!

Going on a 10 mile hike, it was tiring then but a great memory none the less. 

Visiting NYC, very briefly. 

Attending our first concert together, it was Lee Brice.

Getting a new car! After having Betty White for 6 years & paying her off. 

Spending countless days at the waterfall by our first house. 

Swimming with sea turtles & sting ray in the Cayman Islands

Camping in the Adirondack mountains.

5.5 mile muddy obstacle course. I hated my life in the moment but I’m glad we did it. lol

Our proposal, I should’ve brushed my hair that day.. 

Our first cruise, it won’t be our last!

Visiting Boldt Castle

Margaritas in Mexico, plus all the tequila shots your dad had.

Niagara Falls for our first anniversary. We slept in my car in a McDonalds parking lot & I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Your dads first time seeing a play, which just so happened to be mine.

Our wedding day, of course!

Not pictured:

Our Toronto Zoo trip. It covers the most acreage of any zoo in the world. I thought I was gonna die from walking but it was amazing. 

Our first dance as husband & wife. It was waiting in line for the Galveston ferry. Cody turned up the music in the truck, came around & opened my door, took my hand, & danced with me right in front of everyone. 

Finding out we were having a baby, of course. Our biggest adventure of all. 


Author: dreamingofdelilah

My journey of becoming a mother & the adventures that follow.

3 thoughts on “My favorite adventures”

  1. I just noticed your husband was in the military and looking at your pics you are in upstate NY? I’m a loss mom living in Watertown. I would love to connect! I don’t know any other mothers with angels in the area 😊


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