Come Home

When you’re gone it doesn’t feel like living. I fall into a routine. Mindlessly go day to day feeling little. 

I miss your spontaneity. Ice cream runs & late night scrabble. Disney movie nights, midnight coffee. 

I miss your touch. Holding my hand, washing my back. Forehead kisses.  

Our bed feels too spacious.  My voice seems to echo off the walls in our home. 

You breathe life into my world. I’m suffocating without you. Come home.  


A poem from your dad

When Delilah arrives, it will be so grand. We will be picking out flowers, playing in the sand.

This time of our lives will be so much fun, watching her grow, walk, crawl, run.

A new experience is right around the corner, not one new special moment at all like any other. 

Watching her grow from a little human being, to a great big tall giant at only age 3.

To see her smile, to hear her laugh, to watch rage build up as she gets mad.

To calm her storms and broaden her mind, to make sure she knows how bright she can shine. 

How lucky we’ll be just to watch her roam, as she dances around, our hearts she will own.

How beautiful and happy our little girl will be, when this house becomes bigger, not two but three.

When Delilah arrives, she will be so adored, A piece of us both, sewn together by the Lord.